OnePlus 5 vs. Google Pixel 2: Comparison

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OnePlus 5 vs. Google Pixel 2: Comparison

Google has yet to become a headline name in the mobile industry, the mega-corporation is clearly committed to establishing its Pixel range alongside the likes of the iPhone and Galaxy smartphones. And the Google Pixel 2 could be a big stepping stone to achieving this based on the latest rumors related to this device. While OnePlus has confirmed to The Verge that the next handset would indeed be the OnePlus 5 and that it would launch this summer. It has since then posted links to the site’s resulting story on social media with the tagline ‘True story‘, and more recently posted a ‘Hello 5‘ teaser on Weibo. Google Pixel 2 will be launched in October this year. So we are going to a comparison of these two smartphone devices on the basis of its specs, features, release date and price.

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Google Pixel 2 vs. OnePlus 5: Comparison

Before we go into details of both smartphones, we would like to bring some lights on specifications of these smartphones. OnePlus 5 is just launched and going to be available really soon. So, specs for OnePlus 5 are quite confirmed while we still have a couple of months to go for Pixel 2 release. Meanwhile, we have composed a brief specs comparison of these two giant smartphones.

Smartphone OnePlus 5 Google Pixel 2
Display 5.5 inches, 1080p,
Optic AMOLED display
5.1 & 5.7 inches, 1440p
AMOLED display, IP68
OS Android 7.1.1 Android O
Processor Snapdragon 835 Snapdragon 835
GPU Adreno 540 Adreno 540
Camera Dual 16MP f/1.7 + 20MP f/2.6 primary,
16MP f/2.0 front camera
16 MP f/1.7 aperture primary,
8MP front facing camera
Memory 64 / 128 GB Storage 64 & 128 GB Storage
Battery 3300 mAh 2900 mAh
Colors Midnight Black, Slate Gray  Quite Blue, Very Silver, Very White

Seeing above specs already says that OnePlus 5 is one of the best mobile devices this year. OnePlus also comes at a competitive price which makes it available for everyone. At the other hand, Google Pixel 2 still has a long way to come. Meanwhile, let check detailed comparison below.

Display Comparison

Rumors suggest that the upcoming smartphone Google Pixel 2 offers a 5-inch AMOLED display resolution of 1,440 x 2,560 pixels with the capacitive multi-touch touchscreen. The Google Pixel 2 is expected to have a more slender 5-inch edge-to-edge display, somewhat similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8. According to the rumors, the OnePlus 5 expected to have a large screen with a 5.5-inch IPS LCD screen and a full HD resolution of 1,080 x 1,920 pixels that results from a density of 401 pixels per inch will be more attractive. OnePlus 5 is going to have an AMOLED display with the capacitive touch screen is highly respondent to multi-touch.

oneplus 5, pixel 2, pixel xl 2, comparison

Pixel 2 vs. OnePlus 5: CAMERA Comparison

If we compare the Pixel 2 camera, we see the Google Pixel 2 offers an excellent 16MP primary camera with 8MP front facing the camera. The features of this camera are Exmor-RS CMOS sensor, phase detection autofocus, laser autofocus, dual-LED flash, 2.0f aperture, ISO control and high dynamic range mode. While the OnePlus 5 will be launched with the Dual 16 MP f/1.7 + 20 MP f/2.6 aperture primary camera along with 16 megapixels f/2.0 in the front camera that is built with the latest focusing camera. That means OnePlus 5 is another giant camera phone that offers amazing picture taking ability. It will have the autofocus, optical image stabilization, dual color LED flash, ISO control, High Dynamic Range mode, exposure compensation, etc and be built with autofocus laser, retina eye scanner, sensor and more.


Google Pixel 2 smartphone is fitted pair of quad-core Kryo processors which clocks speeds of 2.45GHz and 1.9GHz respectively. This set of the processor is placed on a chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 MSM8998. The graphics are taken care of by a GPU of Adreno 540.

While OnePlus 5 will be launched with the Snapdragon 835 as it is the latest processor from Qualcomm and will run on Android 7.1.1 (Nougat). It will feed with all its power from an octa-core (2.45GHz quad-core Kryo + 1.9 GHz quad-core Kryo) processor. The set of the latest chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 MSM8998 is placed on. The graphics are taken care of by a GPU of Adreno 540.


The OnePlus handset will pair it up with 6 GB random-access memory (RAM). Google is expected to match that with its Pixel 2 although the company is also looking to use Intel chipsets as well on its next-generation mobile release. These both will have the 6 GB RAM and same storage capacity.

Google Pixel 2 will also come with the 6GB RAM and 256 GB storage. OnePlus 5 is expected to come with 64 GB of internal memory, as that may have the capacity to increase from 128 GB to 256 GB with 6GB RAM.


As per rumors Google Pixel 2 will have a 3,000 mAh Li-ion battery which can be removed and enables the smartphone to be awake for a long period of time. It will have the wireless charging feature.

On the other hand, OnePlus 5 will come up with non-removable Li-Ion 4000 mAh battery along with Dash Charge.

google pixel 2, pixel xl 2, oneplus 5, comparison


Google Pixel and Pixel XL were both launched in October 2016, so we can expect to see the Pixel 2 roughly a year later, in or around October 2017.

While According to the rumors we can expect that the OnePlus has announced its OnePlus 5 Smartphone on June 20, 2017, and to go on sale shortly.

These two upcoming smartphones will be launched in the different dates and months of this year 2017.

PRICE Comparison

The cheapest Pixel today costs £599, while the cheapest Pixel XL costs £719.

9to5Google suggests we should expect at least a $50 increase on this due to improvements it is making to the camera and adding waterproofing. While if we talk about the OnePlus 5, Various speculations suggest a tag of around $500 – another price increase as the 3T costs $440. In the UK, that could mean a jump from the current price of £399 up to around £449. That’s still cheaper than competing flagships, of course.

Also, See:


These two smartphones device will grab the excellent market.

OnePlus 5 has a major edge when it comes to RAM and Google Pixel 2 stands out when it comes to the camera, as its current-gen Pixel handsets have been reviewed as the best smartphone cameras ever made. And if we compare about the price and release date, Pixel 2 will release in October and cost will be high if there will be improvements to the camera and adding waterproofing. OnePlus 5 is now launched and will be available for sales shortly.

Now it’s up to you that which smartphone device you want to buy and will be best for you. If you have any queries or thoughts regarding this article, for sharing your comments and thoughts regarding our article. Please come in the comment section below.

Galaxy Note 8 vs. Google Pixel 2: Comparison & Leaks

Google Pixel 2 vs Galaxy Note 8 comparison: Two of the interesting smartphone releases due for the coming months are the Galaxy Note 8 and Google Pixel 2. Google is hoping to establish itself as a significant player in the mobile niche, while the Galaxy Note 8 will mark a new chapter in Samsung’s history post the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. Evidently, both phones are important for the companies. Both the companies have been done hard work on their devices, features. Here’s a comparison between the two upcoming flagships based on the rumored features, specifications, release date and price.

The upcoming smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have a 5.7-inch touchscreen display with a 3840 X 2160 pixels of resolution. It will come with a Quad-HD+ or even 4K Infinity display, with the curved screen technology that it has particularly popularized. While rumors suggest that the upcoming smartphone Google Pixel 2 offers a 5-inch AMOLED display resolution of 1,440 x 2,560 pixels with the capacitive multi-touch touchscreen. The Google Pixel 2 is expected to have a more slender 5-inch edge-to-edge display, somewhat similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs. Google Pixel 2: Comparison

galaxy note 8, pixel 2, comparison


Both devices are expected to have dual rear cameras, similar to iPhone 7 Plus. It is expecting to see one 12Mp wide-angle lens, and a second 13Mp telephoto lens, complete with OIS and 3x optical zoom with a dual-lens rear camera in Galaxy Note 8. On the other hand, if we compare the Pixel 2 camera, we see the Google Pixel 2 offers an excellent 13MP primary camera with 8MP front facing the camera. The features of this camera are Exmor-RS CMOS sensor, phase detection autofocus, laser autofocus, dual-LED flash, 2.0 aperture, ISO control and high dynamic range mode.


Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 9 series chipsets are anticipated to feature in the Galaxy Note 8. It will have the four more powerful cores in the octa-core processor of the Galaxy Note 8 will be clocked at 2.5 GHz. It will run on in-house Exynos 8895 chipset and latest Adreno 5XX GPU. While Google Pixel 2 smartphone is fitted pair of quad-core Kryo processors which clocks speeds of 2.45GHz and 1.9GHz respectively. This set of processors is placed on a chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 MSM8998. The graphics are taken care of by a GPU of Adreno 540.


Both devices are expected to be powerful ones with 6GB RAM and 256GB onboard memory. As per the latest rumors, about the upcoming smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have 6 GB RAM and 256 GB storage. And Google Pixel 2 will also come with the 6GB RAM and 256 GB storage.



Rumors suggest that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have a high-capacity circa-3500 mAh battery with adaptive fast charging, fast wireless charging, and USB-C support. It will be the non-removable battery. Google Pixel 2 will have a 3,000mAh Li-ion battery which can be removed and enables the smartphone to be awake for a long period of time.


Galaxy Note 8 will have the Single SIM. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0 (4.0 LE after Kit Kat update), HDMI (external cable), NFC, USB OTG, 3G and 4G. It will also include Compass Magnetometer, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Gyroscope and Barometer with the Sensor.

And in the comparison between these two smartphones, Google Pixel 2, offers a single SIM slot, 4G, advanced Wi-Fi 802.11, a/ac/b/g/n/n 5GHz, mobile hotspot, Bluetooth v4.2, A-GPS, Glonass, near field connectivity and a slot for type C USB cable.

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Google Pixel 2 vs. Note 8: Release Date

From the past two years, it has announced its new Galaxy Note early in August to get out ahead of the new iPhone, which is always revealed mid-September of 2017. But this month is only the expectation on the basis of its previous generation history. On the other hand, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL were both launched in October 2016, so we can expect to see the Pixel 2 roughly a year later, in or around October 2017.

The release date of these two upcoming smartphones is not far. Maybe this two flagship will be launched in the same month of 2017.

Galaxy Note 8 vs. Pixel 2: Price

There are a chances that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could launch as high as £799 or fall under $900 bucks. While the cheapest Pixel today costs £599, while the cheapest Pixel XL costs £719.

9to5Google suggests we should expect at least a $50 increase on this due to improvements it is making to the camera and adding waterproofing.

We’d be very surprised if the Galaxy Note 8 was any cheaper.

This above Comparison was done on the basis of rumors and leaks of these two upcoming smartphones. We are going to update you with more specific details of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Google Pixel 2 here. So, you can bookmark this page. If you have any query about this comparison, you can comment in the comment section below.

Google Pixel 2 vs. iPhone 8 & 8 Plus: Comparison

After Google confirmed that a Pixel successor is hitting the market this year, the device is now expected to be one of the major competitors of Apple’s upcoming 10th anniversary iPhone, which is speculated to debut with the “iPhone 8” moniker. The iPhone 7 was not so much of an upgrade compared to its predecessor, so Apple is poised to change that with the next iPhone. On the other hand, Google’s Pixel 2 could raise the bar for Android smartphones coming out this 2017. Given that both handsets are likely to emerge successfully upon their respective launch, it’s just fitting for us to look into them and see if one can one-up the other based on their rumored specs and features.

iphone 8 vs. pixel 2, pixel 2 vs. iPhone 8, iPhone 8, pixel 2

Apple iPhone 8 vs. Pixel 2 smartphone

What kind of Comparison it is?

Here we are going to compare these two smartphones with their full specifications. Both phones are rumored to come in late 2017 and will be one of the hottest smartphones this year. We will begin with head to head Specs comparison followed by detailed comparison below:

Smartphone Apple iPhone 8 Google Pixel 2
Display 4.7, 5.1 & 5.8 inches
IPS, OLED display
5.1 & 5.7 inches
AMOLED display
OS iOS 11 Android O
Processor Apple A11 Snapdragon 835
GPU PowerVR Series7XT Plus Adreno 540
Camera 12 MP f/1.8 aperture primary,
8 MP front camera
16 MP f/1.8 aperture primary,
8MP front facing camera
Memory 64, 128 & 256 GB Storage 64 & 128 GB Storage
Battery 3000 mAh 2900 mAh
Colors Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold  Quite Blue, Very Silver, Very White

** So, these are really two outstanding smartphones with powerful specs and comparing them is not going to be an easy task. Let’s begin.

Pixel 2 vs. iPhone 8: Performance comparison

Apple’s iPhone 7 impressed a lot of people when it launched with the Apple A10 Fusion chip, which is basically a quad-core ARM processor composed of two high-performance Hurricane cores and two high-efficiency Zephyr cores. The six-core PowerVR Series7XT Plus GPU was also no joke for it enabled the device to do “console-level” performance when running mobile games. This year, the Cupertino giant is rumored to bring its A11 processor to the next-generation iPhone.

google pixel 2, galaxy s8, iPhone 8, comparison

Google also ensured that its flagship smartphone, the Pixel, would be a powerhouse. The Android 7.1 Nougat-running handset debuted with the Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset, which is made up of two 2.15 GHz Kryo cores and two 1.6 GHz Kryo cores. The device also came with the Adreno 530 GPU. The CPU and GPU combo in the Pixel was regarded as pretty stellar by the tech industry at the time. Looking at it now, however, the combination wouldn’t really be as impressive as before. Despite receiving great scores from Geekbench, it’s clear that the Pixel was nowhere near the iPhone 7 in terms of performance. BGR’s comparison of the handsets, Geekbench scores showed that the Apple device crushed the Google phone in both the single-core (3488 vs. 1565) and multi-core (5590 x 4103) tests.

The Pixel 2 is rumored to run on Snapdragon 835 CPU — the same chipset that will be powering Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. If this were the case, then it’s certain that the iPhone 8 will trump the Pixel 2 in terms of performance. The Geekbench results for the Galaxy S8+ have already been leaked, and the Snapdragon 835 chipset received a lower score than the iPhone 7 Plus in the single-core test (1929 vs. 3473). In the multi-core test, the processor did better than the A10 Fusion, but the difference isn’t as significantly large as in the single-core test (6084 vs. 5664).

Display Comparison

For the most part, the iPhone 8 is claimed to launch with a 5.8-inch display. What would make this display special is the company’s rumored venture into edge-to-edge display that would see the death of the physical home button? This will not come as a surprise if true because the big players in the smartphone industry are migrating to this type of display for their flagship devices.

LG already showed off its edge-to-edge design on the G6 at the recently concluded MWC 2017. Samsung is also said to have embraced this type of display design for its Galaxy S8. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said back in February (via iPhone8biz) that the iPhone 8’s display is an OLED panel.

In spite of the larger screen estate, fans can expect the handset itself to retain the size of the current iPhone. Kuo said the measurements of the phone’s form factor would be the same as those of the iPhone 7, but the rather large screen will eat up the entire front panel of the iPhone 8. This would be possible thanks to the advanced technology that would allow Apple to embed its Touch ID fingerprint scanner onto the display itself.

iPhone 8 vs. Google Pixel 2: Camera comparison

At launch, the biggest selling point of the iPhone 7 was its advanced camera technology. Its bigger brother stole the show for the most part with its dual-lens camera module that was marketed as a technology that captures DLSR-quality photos. The iPhone 7 also has a similar kind of camera; the only difference is it has a single lens instead of two. It has the same 12-megapixel sensor, phase detection autofocus, optical image stabilization and the quad-LED (dual tone) flash. For its front camera, the iPhone 7 sports a 7-megapixel FaceTime HD camera that are capable of taking 1080p@30fps videos. It also has face detection, HDR and panoramic features.

apple iPhone 8 , google pixel 2, pixel xl 2

There’s no word yet on how Apple intends to top the rear camera of the iPhone 7, but there’s now word on a powerful front-facing selfie camera with 3D-sensing capabilities. This actually fueled speculations that Apple is getting rid of Touch ID because the front snapper is said to function as a 3D facial scanner as well as an iris scanner. JPMorgan analyst Rod Hall was even quoted by MacRumors in a separate report that facial recognition is a more secure alternative for Apple Pay.

On the contrary, Google set the bar high for Android-powered phones in terms of camera technology when it introduced its Google Pixel late last year. It even got a recognition from DxO Mark as the best smartphone camera yet. The back camera on the Pixel has a 12.3-megapixel sensor, a f/2.0 aperture, electronic image stabilization and laser autofocus as well as dual-LED (dual tone) flash. Despite not really having specifications that would make it stand out by leaps, Wired explains that the camera just impresses and blows everyone away because its HDR+ marquee mode takes images in rapid succession, analyzes them and creates some tone-mapping magic to create stunning photographs. The 8-megapixel front snapper is also commendable. This 2017, Google is likely to put a major emphasis on the camera of the Pixel 2. 9to5Google learned through sources that the company is developing a camera lens that will perform impressively even in low light conditions. The megapixels will not see a significant increase, but Google is going to compensate for this with extra camera features.

Google Pixel 2 vs. iPhone 8: Price Comparison

We all know these are high-end smartphones, so expecting them in cheap will be madness. Both phones will come in really sky touching price tag. However, you may find Pixel 2 a bit cheaper as compare to iPhone. Below is an expeted price table of these smartphones.

Country  Pixel 2 Price iPhone 8 Price
Price in USA 899 USD 999 USD
Price in UK 692 Pound 769 Pound
Price in India 57999 INR 642999 INR
Price in Australia 1212 AUD  1346 AUD

Apple iPhone 8 vs. Google Pixel 2: Rumours

The iPhone 8 is going to have a water-resistant body. Compared to its predecessor, The Korea Herald reports the next-generation iPhone will have a higher water resistance rating. The iPhone 7 has IP67 rating by the way. With the 10th anniversary iPhone, Apple is aiming for an IP68 rating that would enable users to submerge their handsets underwater for 30 minutes without negative repercussions. There are also rumors Apple is re-adopting the glass body it used on the iPhone 4 instead of keeping its streak of using the aluminum body found on the recent iPhones. Apple supplier Catcher Technology says (via Nikkei) the glass body is returning this year. If true, Apple could make use of stainless steel frames to hold together the front and back glass panels of the device.

Rumor also has it that the Mountain View-headquartered company is going to increase the base model’s internal memory. The first Pixel debuted with 32GB and 128GB storage variants. Since video files and mobile games are becoming more ambitious, a larger internal memory would come in handy. Thus, sources are saying Google could be boosting the base model’s storage to 64GB. Other standout features that are expected for the Pixel 2 include Quick Charge 4.0 and Android 8 or another modified Android software like the Android 7.1 Nougat of the first Pixel. Meanwhile, it’s very likely for Google to keep the same price points of the predecessors for the new models.

Apple is likely to launch the iPhone 8 in September, while Google could hold an October/November launch event for the Pixel 2. Which do you think between the two smartphones is going to impress more consumers at launch? Sound off in the comments below.

Google Pixel 2 Features and Leaks

The next flagship phone’s from Google likely won’t arrive until late 2017, but we’re already thinking about what the Google Pixel 2 may have in store for us. The search giant is done with the Nexus line and in its place, the firm has created a slightly more premium, and far more mainstream range.

We’re talking, of course, about the Google Pixel and the larger Google Pixel XL, two high-end handsets aimed at the same market as the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7. They were a strong first try too, scoring high in our reviews, but they stumbled in some areas and arguably didn’t quite stack up to their rivals. But Google is sure to learn from its mistakes and make the Pixel 2 even better. The Google Pixel and Pixel XL were both launched in October 2016, so we’d expect to see the Pixel 2 roughly a year later, in or around October 2017.

pixel 2 features, pixel 2, google pixel

Although the Pixel line is new, it’s building on the now defunct Nexus range, which also tended to have a new handset in around September or October of each year. Rick Osterloh, Google’s senior vice president of hardware, has confirmed there will be a new Pixel this year, though he didn’t get any more specific than that.

See: Latest Concepts Images of Pixel2 smartphone

Google Pixel 2 Rumours and leaks

One new rumor for the Google Pixel 2 is the phone may come with a curved display when it launches later this year.Google has tried to put an order for curved

Google has tried to put an order for curved OLED screens with the LG Display Company, which suggests the company is ready to embrace curved screens on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Another rumor for the Google Pixel 2 is it will come with a waterproof design. A Senior Editor at 9to5Google reported a source has said the phone will be dunkable when it’s released.

They also revealed that the Pixel 2 will feature an improved chipset and camera, which could go some way to justifying the rumored higher price. The same source then got back in contact with 9to5Google to reveal that the search giant is currently testing a budget Pixel handset which will have down-graded specs, but a smaller price tag. We’ve also heard that a true phablet might be landing, alongside the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2, so we could see at least three Pixel handsets this year.

Elsewhere, we’ve heard that the Pixel 2 might ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack, which seems odd given that Google actively highlighted its presence in advertising for the original Pixel. As for other Pixel 2 rumors, there are precisely zero so far. But we can take an educated guess at some of the things we’re likely to see. It’s also likely to have 6GB of RAM, as that too is rumored for a number of phones.

One thing we can be pretty sure of is that the Pixel 2 will run whatever the latest version of Android is at the time, and there’s a good chance that it will launch alongside Android O. The Pixel 2 is also likely to build on what came before and add missing features – don’t be surprised if it’s water resistant this time around as has been rumored, and the screen on the standard Pixel 2 could be boosted to a QHD resolution. That would bring it in line with the Pixel XL, which would be handy, especially as Google has positioned the range as built for its

Daydream VR platform, for which those extra pixels would really help the visual experience. Google also heavily marketed the Pixel on its camera skills, so further improvements there are likely, but the company may stick with what works – which could mean the same 12.3 MP sensor.

Google Pixel 2

What we want to see from Google Pixel 2 and XL 2

The above is what we’re expecting to see, but the following is what we’d like to see if the Google Pixel 2 is to really impress us.

1. A lower price

The Pixel and Pixel XL are high-end phones, but they have beyond high-end prices, with the XL costing more than just about anything outside the iPhone 7 Plus, and the standard Pixel rivaling other flagships in price, despite not quite matching all their specs. If Google really wants to make these phones mainstream, then for the Pixel 2 it needs to slash the price. Apple is a big name in hardware already, so it can get away with wallet-worrying prices, but Google’s Pixel brand still needs to grow.

2. A sharper screen

The original Pixel has just a 1080p screen, which isn’t quite a flagship spec when most rivals (including the Pixel XL) have QHD ones. It’s also problematic when the Pixel is positioned as a VR-friendly phone, yet doesn’t quite have the pixels to back that up. So we’d like to see a QHD screen on the Pixel 2, and perhaps even a 4K screen on the Pixel 2 XL – though only if it doesn’t destroy the battery.

3. A stylish build

The Google Pixel has a high-end and distinctive look, with a metal and glass back, but it’s also a slightly unusual and divisive one, so we’d like to see it rethought for the Google Pixel 2. There’s nothing wrong with glass, or metal, or even both together, but the design needs to be cohesive, where on the Pixel it looks a bit like they’ve just combined the two materials for the sake of it.

4. Water resistance

Water resistance still isn’t a feature of all flagship phones, but it’s increasingly heading that way, with even the iPhone 7 sporting a certain amount, so the Pixel having none (beyond being splash-resistant) was unfortunate. Hopefully, that will be changed for the Google Pixel 2, and we’ll get a phone that at least matches the best waterproofing on current phones – that means IP68 certification, but if it can go even further and be fully waterproof, then all the better.

5. Better battery life

It seems like we’re asking for better battery life from almost every phone, but the Pixel is particularly in need, often requiring a top-up midway through an evening. That’s not great at any price, but especially not on a flagship, so we want to see vast improvements in life from the Pixel 2.

6. Stereo Speakers

As with waterproofing, this is another thing that not all flagships have, but it’s certainly something we like to see, or hear. While we’d always rather use headphones for audio on a phone, that’s not always practical, so a beefy pair of stereo speakers can make all the difference. Hopefully, the Google Pixel 2 will have them.

7. Assistant improvements

Google Assistant was one of the main selling points of the Pixel, but while it’s certainly impressive, it doesn’t feel quite like the 2.0 upgrade to Google Now that it was billed as. Among other things we want it to consistently pick up on the ‘OK Google’ wake command the first time we say it, and to be able to understand what we’re asking every time, even when we speak fast or in loud environments. It’s pretty good now, but the times when it fails to make us wish we hadn’t asked at all.

pixel XL 2, pixel 2, Google pixel 2 25 Mar

Google PIXEL 2 Concepts Images, Design & Rumours

Although Pixel and Pixel XL are out and available for sales, the tech world already hit by Concept images and leaks of Google Pixel 2. Here we are going to share those leaked images of Pixel 2 smartphone here.

After good response with the nexus devices, finally last year Google decided to enter the smartphone market with Pixel and Pixel XL. They made a truly great crafted smartphone of all times and fairly “one of the best android smartphones you can get“. Lots of new concept and ideas they adopted with Pixel Lineup and now the company is working with full fledge to embrace it with upcoming Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 smartphones.

They made both phone much lighter then they look the best balancing and comfortable from other. Due to this people can easily able to comfortably use both the smartphones with its narrow size.

Pixel 2 & Pixel XL 2 Concepts – Renders 2017

Google Pixel 2 Rumours and Leaks

After the great experience of Pixel and Pixel XL they trying to make her best smartphone that can beat iPhone 7 and other smartphones. They made the best phone from all time is Pixel 2 with lots of new and smart features that surprises that people a lot. I also prefer the best Google Pixel smartphone is one of the smartphones that releases in this year.

After the Google Pixel and Pixel XL people, expectations are much higher with this pixel 2 and they trying to make them satisfied with all they want in upcoming Pixel 2 Smartphone. They made it display perfect and classy with decreased the bezels from top to bottom in the Pixel 2. They also made it loud and clear for that they adds dual speaker at the bottom part of the pixel to make their stereo speaker more be perfect.

Google Pixel 2 Concept Images – New Design for 2017

Google Pixel 2 concept

We can also make our work more simple and easier in Pixel 2 because they had a couple of sensor with a pair of microphones. In the lower end, we have the perfect and beautiful designed google’s logo. It has dual front speaker also and the best and perfect sound effect with 3.5mm headphone jack at the top.

Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 Design

Pixel XL 2 design

Pixel 2 Concept

As we all hear that Google pixel 2 is trying to remove charging jack and will have a fast wireless charge but it’s all wrong google caring the charging port in their pixel 2. They made it good looking through making changes in their body or physical looking and with sound quality also. They made it with dual speaker and a larger display with small bezels and having the best Google logo at the lower back.

We have more expectation with Google pixel 2 have the best and perfect working OCTA- CORE processor with the best 4 low power cortex-A7 high power cortex A15 and android v7 series. In the google pixel 2 images you can take a look at the best shape and size of the pixel 2.

Google pixel 2 images we can easily look that it have AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16m color display. With high-resolution display of 2140 x 1080 pixels. So, hope you all have enjoyed the Google Pixel 2 Concept and have downloaded the images for your reference. If you have any suggestion regarding the design of upcoming Google smartphone then feel free to leave your comment below. And we would feel happy if you like and share us from below social buttons.